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Waves for dayz

Every woman longs to have effortless looking waves that are truly effortless to create – impossible? I think not!

I have come across this unique shaped curler that actually creates the most beautiful deep waves in your hair. The curler actually does all the work for you because of the ridges it has in its design. You can find this particular designed waver in many different brands!


All you need to do is section your hair into small pieces at a time, wrap your hair around the curling wand, hold for a few seconds and release! Once you have freed the curl – simply spray it so it holds its shape.

Repeat this step until your entire hair has been curled. Now I bet you’re thinking, wow these curls look quite unnatural and stark looking.. Well we aren’t done yet! Run your fingers through your hair – being sure to seperate each and every curl.

Now spray your hair one final time and start to brush out those curls with a large flat hair brush (using a fine comb would only distort the shape of our curls).

And voila! Your hair is transformed into amazing free falling waves!


If you’re after textural waves – be sure to change the directions of the curls each time you take a new piece of hair.

If you’re wanting more of a uniform wave look, then keep all the curls facing the one way.

Follow my video tutorial below to watch my hair transformation for yourself! Believe me, it was so easy as I didn’t have to be too delicate with my curling technique because of the beautifully designed curling wand! (FYI I curled all my hair in the one direction for more of an elegant wave look).

Enjoy my video! And be sure to post your own hair transformations on Instagram and tag us @freezeframebeauty

Lisa Marie xx