TRIPLE THREAT – freezeframe-uk


Puffiness, bags and crow’s feet are the triple threat that every girl frets!

Unfortunately these things are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we have to except defeat! The magicians at freezeframe have formulated a heavy duty, action packed formula to target not one but all three of these issues head on.

With both an instant and long term effect, it’s no wonder that freezeframe REVITALEYES is Australia’s best selling eye treatment! In fact – every minute of the day someone is buying this product … literally!
With a combination of some powerful peptides and a few other heroic ingredients, REVITALEYES really packs a punch!

Peptide #1 targets CHRONIC PUFFINESS. Within the REVITALEYES formula – is a clinically proven ingredient. Is so potent that subjects in the clinical trial saw a dramatic reduction in under eye puffiness, with 70% seeing incredible results in just 14 days and a reduction in chronic, under eye puffiness in just 28 days. It even won an international technology award… Not surprising!

Peptide #2 targets DARK CIRCLES. Clinically proven to reduce blue and red colouring – meaning with a little REVITALEYES you can say good bye to those tired looking dark circles we all hate so much! If you are anything like me, those babies are apparent even after a good night’s sleep. Clinical results for this magic ingredient showed that shadows are visibly lighter in as little as 14 days, with a clinical reduction in shadows in just 56 days.

Lastly, peptide #3 targets DEEP WRINKLES. An ingredient used in many of freezeframe’s miracle products! And let me tell you, it is a powerful one. This staple ingredient relaxes expression wrinkles so dramatically that you can see a reduction in not only fine lines, but also in deep wrinkles – in just 28 days.

But if that wasn’t enough already we added a little added Vitamin C and some moisturising hyaluronic acid to provide a tissue tightening, brightening and energising effect, and also provides an antioxidant action to combat free radicals, boosts collagen production and super charge this already amazing product.

So don’t waste another second! Try some for yourself.

Katie xoxo