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the weekend weapon

So my confession is that I’m one of those people who can’t live without a little secret coverage, even on the odd weekends.

As my love of makeup borders on obsession, I love to doll it up at work, testing out my contouring skills to see if I’ve still got it then tone it down to a ‘barely there’ weekend look.

On the weekend, I feel like it’s great to be prepared for those unannounced stop over’s of family and friends or those trips to the shops (yes I’m one of those).

What I love about BB BLUR’s BB Gel formula is the colour adjusting beads magically adjust to my skin tone on application, wiping out imperfections and providing me with a tailored natural coverage that’s exclusive to me.

BB BLUR’s optical blurring effects mean that wrinkles, pores and discolouration are wiped away within 60 seconds so I can get on with my day faster and with a no fuss shine free coverage.

The best news is BB BLUR is not only a quick fix miracle; it’s also a clinical treatment that includes one of the world’s most potent antioxidants – The Kakadu Plum. This super fruit protects against free radical damage, boosts collagen and is clinically proven to enhance luminosity and radiance as well as reduce wrinkles.

So the next time you reach for a quick fix cover up, make sure have this weekend weapon on hand!