THE DADBOD ANTIDOTE – freezeframe-uk


Does your dad spend countless hours at the gym with absolutely no results to show for it?

This Father’s Day, buy your dad something other than socks! Get him something he will actually use & appreciate AND also see results from!!

Enter TUMMY TUCK by freezeframe – the product that has every jelly belly quivering (in fear that is!). And if Mum’s want a bit of incentive too, you can purchase a great bundle deal right now on TUMMY TUCK  + BREAST ENHANCER for just $119!

And if your a little late on purchasing the bundle for Dad (and Mum), from Saturday right through to next week we will have TUMMY TUCK + brazilian BUTT LIFT for just $109 😉

“So what’s this TUMMY TUCK wonder cream all about?” I hear you ask.. Well it’s basically the lazy persons way to a flatter, more toned tummy. The excitement alone is enough to make you drop a few kilos! Not only that, it is also clinically proven to mimic the muscle toning effects of exercise. Exercise in a tube? Now that’s a membership I’ll sign up for any day!

Never before has a cream been clinically proven to activate thermogenesis. What does that mean? If means that the heat generated by the cream can actually make you look like you’ve burned away underlying flab.

Dad will be thanking you for the best gift he’s ever received!

So tell Dad to put down the six-pack of beer and say hello to his new found six- pack that was always there just hidden by the beer belly! No more flab Dad.






Brazilian Butt Lift 100ML