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The beauty do's & don'ts

beauty do's & don'ts

There are so many do’s and don’ts in the big world of beauty. Whether you use makeup every day or just now and again, it’s worth reminding yourself of a few essential make up rules.


Do Apply the Perfect Skin Base

Makeup will only look as good as your skin does! Your skin is the base for you make up so if it’s looking dry, flaky or uneven in texture, makeup simply won’t look as good or sit nicely on the face. Having the appropriate skincare routine that suits your skin type, along with exfoliating weekly will keep your skin and makeup looking even, hydrated and fresh!

Do Use the Right Tools

Investing in some good-quality makeup brushes, sponges and applicators is one of the keys to applying makeup properly. Getting rid of your old worn-out brushes and sponges will make your makeup easier to apply properly and you will get the most out of your makeup without wasting a drop. Another tip is keeping those makeup tools clean – to prevent breakouts!

Do Get Advice

If you’re not sure what make-up suits you, or how to apply it and where – a one-off session with a make-up artist could open great new ideas to try or simply help you to streamline your daily technique. Getting colour advise on your skin type will go a long way in assisting you with the right colour choices according to your eye colour and skin tone to help bring out your best features! The most important thing when wearing makeup is matching your foundation to your skin to give you that seamless skin base that matches with your body and doesn’t look painted on.

Do Select Long Lasting Products

If you want your make-up to stay and continue to look fresh throughout the day, get a good primer for the face and eyes. Look for long-lasting mascaras, lip colours and foundations- modern formulas are designed to stay put all day, saving you the hassle of constant retouching.

Do Keep it Light – Less is More

You don’t want to have a cakey make-up look, there’s nothing worse than seeing foundation that’s too thick leaving that harsh line along the jawline. Having a makeup look that appears light and natural doesn’t just look more YOU but is also easier and quicker to apply. If you work gradually you can slowly build up to exact coverage that you desire. But if you’ve started applying your makeup heavily, then when it comes time to set it with powers it can look quite thick on the skin.

Do Focus on Your Best Features

For a subtle and elegant look, concentrate on one of finest facial features and then add a hint of cosmetic support elsewhere. Try pairing smoky, emphatic eyes with a barely-there lip colour, or balance your glossy, come-hither pout with just a light coat of mascara.


Don’t Overdo Highlighter

You want luminous, glowing skin but you don’t want over the top shine to the point where you are looking like a shiny disco ball! Highlighter is designed to make your best features stand out: your cheek bones, cupids bow and arches of the brow. When highlighted, these areas lift the face and give you that all over glowy look. If you overdo your highlighter it can accentuate rough/dry textures of the skin.

Don’t Forget the Brow’s

Your eye brow’s frame your face as the saying goes, and it’s true! This is not to be forgotten ladies, as your makeup look may appear unfinished and the face will seem not as defined and polished as it could be. Adding a bit of colour to the brows with brow pencil, shadow or gel makes a world of difference! If you are new to this and aren’t to confident about your eye brow’s standing out, start by seeing a professional, there are many professional brow experts specialised in this area that won’t ruin your brows. They will shape them to your perfect brow shape to suit your face, I guarantee once you start colouring and reshaping your brows you will never go back to untouched brows.

Don’t Neglect Top Eyeliner

Many woman make the mistake of only adding eye liner to the bottom lash line – this not only makes the top lashes appear smaller and not stand out but also closes the eye. If you’re going to wear liner always use it on the top lash line, this will frame the eye and thicken the lash line and open the up eyes making them stand out.

Don’t Avoid Colour to Your Cheeks

It’s easy to focus on your eye and lip colours because they’re the first things you notice when you look in the mirror. But making use of a subtle blusher on the apples of the cheeks works wonders to give you a glowing rosy complexion – banishing tiredness, pastiness and helping with the occasional big night out.

Don’t Leave the House Without Concealer

Often concealer is forgotten and replaced with just using a foundation all over the entire face up to the under-eye area. Foundation’s like liquid foundations are finer and tend to slip off the under-eye area and not cover as well. You need a concealer as it is a thicker constancy and has a longer staying power on those trickier, finer skin areas, therefore is perfectly suited for the under eyes and any other pesky spots or blotchy areas your foundation won’t cover. Concealer for the under the eyes should always be a few shades lighter than your foundation, this will brighten the under-eye area to get rid of those dark circles and eye bags, bringing the concealer down to the mid cheeks to the nose tip of the nose is another trick to brightening up the face, bringing it forward and making you look radiant and more awake, ready to conquer the day!