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smooth sailing

Are you sick and tired of having to ‘cover up’ in the warmer weather? I know I am. It’s time to let some skin show and reveal it in complete confidence! I know I am like a lot of women out there – always looking to improve my appearance.

When when it comes to cellulite I found it so difficult to erase those stubborn dimples in the thigh area.

In the past I have tried a range of different cellulite treatments such as; body wraps, salon body sculpting techniques, cellulite laser removal, micro-needling, exercises, changing my diet.. and even looked into liposuction! But none of these methods worked on me and the ones that I didn’t try were way too costly and very invasive with huge amounts of recovery time needed!

empty promises

It’s fair to say I basically gave up on even getting rid of my cellulite. Then one day as I was browsing the internet, I came across freezeframe! I noticed in they have solutions to your most common body problems.. one of them being CELLULITE… LIPOSLIM! Even the name gets me excited because it’s basically what us ladies are all after.. liposuction in a tube!

I thought I would give it a try as they had plenty of great reviews on the product and really amazing active ingredients within the formula. I have to say, it was the best $79.00 I have ever spent!

From the get go I loved the design of the tube! Having the roller balls massaging the beautifully fragrant gel-like formula into the skin felt absolutely amazing! And not to mention I had instant results.. and when I say instant, I mean 10 minutes later I had visibly smooth thighs! I guess they don’t call it the ‘instant cellulite eraser’ for no reason.

The formula in freezeframe LIPOSLIM basically works to break down the fat cells and aid them in passing out of the body. And after that process is underway – the skin tightening starts to take place. This gives your skin a firmer more smooth look – so you’re basically a slimmer version of who you were 10 minutes ago!

I am totally obsessed with this product and I encourage any woman who struggles with cellulite removal to also try this miracle in a tube. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

So there you have it ladies, this is my secret to erasing old cellulite and preventing new cellulite from forming on my legs, tummy and arms.

Enjoy the results yourself,

Lisa Marie xx