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skin focused makeup

As the days start to get warmer, we can all feel that Spring is definitely in the air! However your skin may be looking a little pale from the Winter months just passed.

Thankfully with the help of makeup, we can add some warmth, life and glow back into the skin – in just a few simple steps.


I wanted to create a skin focused makeup pictorial that really highlights your best features and enhances your natural glow. This look is perfect for all occasions and really does give that effortlessly beautiful dewy skin look without needing any sort of heavy eye makeup – the skin is the hero in this makeup look.

Now the key to creating a flawless skin makeup look is by starting off with a flawless skin base! My secret to great skin is… freezeframe COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT! I use this cream before I apply anything else to the face as it provides hydration whilst creating a smooth finish to the skin. Not only does this skincare treatment work wonders for the skin long term, it also provides 24 hour protection to the sensitive skin of the face.

model applying wrinkle filler

I asked my model Natalie to apply my favourite anti aging skincare primer – freezeframe WRINKLE FILLER to her under eye area. I find this product really fantastic for wiping away any fine lines – it is the perfect makeup primer as it creates a smooth finish for the makeup to be applied over the top.

model foundation

After 10 minutes of allowing the WRINKLE FILLER to dry completely – I applied some foundation to Natalie’s face using my large rose gold toothpick brush. I find these brushes give the most flawless makeup application.

Note: I used a foundation 1-2 shades darker than Natalie’s natural skin tone so that all the bronzy tones I use on her skin will tie in together seamlessly.

model contour

Next, using a smaller, more oval shaped brush – I highlighted and contoured Natalie’s face using cream colours in light and dark. I used a beauty blender to merge these colours into one another so that there were no harsh lines left on the face.

model bronze

Using a beauty blender, again – I applied some highly glossy cream highlight to the higher points of Natalie’s cheeks, on the centre of her nose, on her chin and a small amount on the temples of her forehead.

model highlight

Once all the creams are blended – I set the entire face with translucent loose powder and then went in with a bronzer over all the sections of Natalie’s face that I had cream contoured previously.

model translucent

Then to intensify that highlight – I dusted some shimmery gold/champagne powder highlight. This technique of layering your highlighters is actually called ‘strobing’.

setting spray

Now that the skin is completely finished – I sprayed some setting spray all over Natalie’s face to give that dewy wet-look finish. This is perfect if you have used a tonne of powders and feel like your makeup needs to melt more into the skin. I then contoured her lips using a pinky-nude lip liner.

model nude gloss

Lastly, I applied some pinky-nude gloss to the lips as well as some goldy-bronze shadows on the lid. I brushed Natalie’s brows upward and penciled in areas that were sparse.

model shadow

That’s it ladies – this is the final look of my skin focused makeup. I really enjoyed creating this glowy sun kissed look and hope to see you all working that radiant glow this Spring!

Try it yourself – and be sure to prep your skin before applying any makeup! Good skincare is key to having your makeup look perfect.