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Now you too can achieve the airbrushed skin effect, using freezeframe’s BB BLUR. Ladies you need to see the results for yourself. Watch those pores smooth out and fade away as you blend the product into your skin.

This skin perfector is a multipurpose beauty product that moisturises and provides light coverage, like a BB cream with the benefits of a blur cream. BB BLUR is perfect for that natural radiant glow to the skin, without the shine.

And did you know that BB BLUR contains one of Australia’s most potent antioxidants – the Kakadu Plum? This amazing fruit contains the highest levels of vitamin C of any fruit in the world. “And what does this help with?” you may ask. The Kakadu Plum extract helps to repair damaged skin, boost collagen and is clinically proven to enhance luminosity and radiance in the skin, whilst wiping away wrinkles all at the same time, AND within 15 days!

So not only does BB BLUR look fantastic on the skin, rest assured the product is also helping your skin to look amazing long term as well. Check out my MOTD

BB Blur 30ML