NIP & TUCK – freezeframe-uk


Most of us have tried some type of fad diet in our time, whether it be the 5 & 2, the Paleo or for those extremists out there – the dreaded juice detox!!!

We are all looking for that miracle formula to give us the Victoria secrets model physique we all want so badly. Recently I, like many others started the countdown to summer, literally counting the days!

In my crusade to shed a few kilo’s I thought this winter I would try a new approach!

Thankfully freezeframe have created a game changer just in time for summer preparations! It’s a cream that not only mimics the effects of exercise, but will help define problem areas such as hips stomach, thighs and buttocks. Behold, freezeframe’s TUMMY TUCK!

This Miracle cream should be a must on your shopping list! I am certain you will not be disappointed! ☺