NEW BODY OIL – freezeframe-uk


Have you found that the winter and hot summer sun has left your skin feeling dry and shrivelled? Well get ready to say goodbye to dryness and hello to smooth skin with the most incredible side effect we’ve ever seen! freezeframe FAT BURNER is launching this Sunday.

Our new FAT BURNER is an intense hydrating dry body oil that will both help achieve that silky smooth skin and a leaner look. That’s right! It burns fat and moisturises your skin!  Not only this, you can apply FAT BURNER anywhere on your body whether it is arms, legs, waist, back or hips.

The results? Participants in a clinical trial were asked to apply FAT BURNER twice a day and asked to do nothing different to their normal routine. The results revealed up to 2.2cm slimmer looking waist and thighs in just 4 weeks! Just in time to help you look your best for the summer holidays.

We have limited stock before December so be quick to grab your FAT BURNER before the rest of the world hears about it this Sunday. As a special offer we will be offering free shipping for this week only!