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my partner in travel

Last month I did quite a lot of traveling for work. I flew from Sydney to Melbourne and then China to Hong Hong. During these lengthy domestic and international trips with insanely busy meeting schedules, I made sure I was well prepared with my daily skincare essentials.

To keep my skin looking fair and flawless as well as hydrated at all times I packed my beauty secret weapon (the airport security didn’t mind!).

And today, I want to share my SECRET WEAPON with you all…

The ultimate miracle in a bottle is freezeframe FLASH WHITE. The formula is the perfect match for my Asian skin tone! The instant brightening beads work by cancelling out redness and giving an all over even skin tone. It revives the skin and gives it all day radiance which gives me a whiter and brighter look in just 5 seconds.

FLASH WHITE doesn’t only bright up my skin all day long, it also provides hydration – making my skin look refreshed, moisturised and youthful! The way I love to use FLASH WHITE is by applying it as I would a moisturiser – providing the ultimate base for my skin before make up. The concentrated brighten breads create a skin perfecting white filter but one that doesn’t feel heavy or leave an oily film on the skin.

This clear gel serum not only helps to even out my skin to reduce redness – it also works as an anti-shine protection for those who are prone to oily skin. If oily skin is your concern then you’ll love FLASH WHITE as it leaves the skin looking velvety smooth and soft to the touch!

My skin looks fair, whitened and brightened instantly and to think you can look this great even when you’re travelling on a tight schedule!

Take this wherever you go this Summer, especially on your holidays and say hello to your radiant looking skin everyday… you will LOVE it!