We all love to spend time trying out different makeup techniques before going out with friends or to events. However, more often than not while we’d love to have a couple hours to get everything perfect, time is always against us.

Here are some useful tips to speed up your morning routine and beat that last minute rush before going out.

First, you want to have a last minute makeup bag where you keep the essentials. It’s so easy to misplace products when you’re in a rush so if it’s all organised beforehand it makes things so much easier. To make it easier to keep track of you’ll also want to limit this bag to 3-4 items so products that multitask are best for this. In particular, freezeframe products are great for the simple reason that they are quick and easy to put on and often give the same results of more than one product combined in a much quicker timeframe.

The main essentials of makeup are skin cover, lips and most importantly eyes

For skin I’d recommend using the freezeframe BB BLUR cream which acts as a BB cream, foundation, blur perfector, primer, moisturiser, anti-aging cream and mattifer. It replaces at least 5 different products that you’d normally use, in the time it would take to put on a regular moisturiser.

The next thing I would use would be something to enlarge the eyes . freezeframe INSTANT LASH XTREME is great for this as it adds 4-8mm in length to your eyes instantly making them appear larger & more defined.
Lastly if you want that little bit extra, freezeframe LIP INJECTION is great for giving you a fuller pout. Just quickly apply it and within 10 minutes you’ll start to see results.

So the next time you want to sleep in that extra bit or are pressed for time you can speed up your makeup routine and still look perfect with just three products. BB BLUR, INSTANT LASH XTREME and LIP INJECTION.


Lip Injection 10ML 


Instant Lash Xtreme 10ML 



BB Blur 30ML