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With winter in full effect, it’s easy for our lips to bear the brunt of the cool Winter days. That’s why I love the way freezeframe LIP INJECTION soothes and smooths my lips – providing instant volume for an enviable pout.

Not only does LIP INJECTION plump my lips instantly, it also works over time to keep my lips looking luscious all year round!

The secret is in the ingredients – as LIP INJECTION contains the same core ingredient used in dermal fillers – in a form that can penetrate the lip membrane so that you can achieve the same plumping results without the need for invasive injections and all at an affordable cost.

Along with its volumizing benefits, LIP INJECTION’s fat stimulating technology will make your lips look softer & more supple and also help to diminish those stubborn vertical lip lines with dramatic results seen in just 28 days of use.

The reason why LIP INJECTION is one of my favourite products is because the benefits don’t just stop there, this product also makes a great base for my lipstick, smoothing out my lips as a perfect primer and preventing any lipstick feathering for all day wear.

Try it yourself and have the lips you’ve always wanted!