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lash out

Beauties, I don’t know about you but I will not leave the house without my lashes & brows looking perfect! But at the same time you don’t necessarily want to spend a great deal of time perfecting those bad boys. My secret beauty weapon… freezeframe TINT & GROW.

TINT & GROW gradually tints my lashes while I sleep & when I go about my day & the best part is… it also stimulates growth! I love to apply this product simultaneously to my brows for the very same reason. I kid you not – I wake up with naturally luscious looking dark lashes and my brows have never looked so full in areas that were previously sparse looking.

How does it work? TINT & GROW contains a natural dye that is extracted from walnut leaves to produce the darkest brown tint on the lashes. In just a few weeks of daily use, it gradually tints your lashes for semi-permanent colour that does not fade away or wash off!

But that’s not it! Not only does TINT & GROW tint your lashes – it also builds upon your lash length, for darker & longer looking lashes naturally! In as little as 2 weeks you will be waking up to gorgeous looking lashes without a drop of makeup needed – I mean, how effortless is that? – It’s even clinically proven to give you up to 66.39% increase in the look of lash length and density in just 28 days!

Just imagine… naturally luscious lashes with the help of just a brush – no salons, no costly treatments, no harsh chemicals. Just amazing naturally dark & long lashes with newly added bonus – the lash curl that dramatically lifts the lashes as the product simultaneously helps grow them.

The time and money I have saved by using this product I cannot even begin to calculate – TINT & GROW really does what it claims to do. And if you are consistent with the product – you will actually achieve semi-permanent results that build up the more you use it.

It’s really the only morning workout I participate in, as TINT & GROW curls & lifts – giving my lashes that pump! So throw away those falsies and harsh chemical glues, stop wasting your money on monthly beauty treatments and invest in this amazing product that will give you better results in the comfort of your own home!

We all know that eyes speak louder than words as they are the window to the soul – so lash out today and get those eyelashes on fleek with freezeframe TINT & GROW. It’s your ‘LASH’ chance! You’ll be batting those lashes all day long and if someone chooses to make brow contact before eye contact – then you’re also fully prepared! And if someone chooses to stare – then make it worth their while 

Have a fabu-LASH weekend beauties!