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Kiss & makeup

To me, having fuller lips makes you look more youthful and even more gorgeous! I personally have average sized lips and would prefer more of a pouty look. I have always been pretty content with the size of my bottom lip, but felt that my top lip could use some plumping/balancing out.

Each and every day I fake a fuller lip and I wanted to share my secrets on how I do this! These steps that I take can be applied to a more natural looking lip or even a more bold look depending on what colours you choose and how dramatic you apply the steps that follow!

1. freezeframe LIP INJECTION

2. Lip Liner

3. Lipstick/s

4. Highlighter

5. Gloss

6. Dark Contour Powder

1. Firstly, to prep the lips for makeup application, I apply a nice amount of freezeframe LIP INJECTION all over the lips. Don’t worry if you feel a slight tingle, it’s just the formula working its magic! Not only is LIP INJECTION a great primer for lipstick, but it also stimulates the fat in our lips – plumping them out and filling in any fine lines.

Allow the product to dry on the lips for a few minutes, note: LIP INJECTION is not a gloss or lipstick as it contains no colour and dries to a matte finish.

2. Next I apply my lip liner. Be sure to choose a lip liner that is 2-3 shades darker than your choice of lipstick colour. Now this is actually a critical part to redesigning the type of lip look you desire.

If you’re like me wanting to balance out the fullness of your top lip – then all you need to do is line the top lip slightly over your natural lip line.

Note: it’s really important that the lip line you create ends where your natural lip line ends (where the top and bottom lip meet on the sides). If you over line the sides of your lips it will give that ‘joker’, ‘clown’ look to your lips and that’s not exactly what we are going for!

Another tip when lining your lips is to pencil-in (colour in) the outer edges of the top and bottom of the lips, keeping the centre of your lips nude). This is basically contouring for your lips, giving you the appearance of a really pouty lip towards the centre.

3. Now that our desired lip line is created we can apply the lipstick. I personally like to use 2 lipsticks to create an ombre effect on the lips – this gives the illusion of a fuller lip. Use a darker shade around the outer corners of the top & bottom lips and then place you lighter shade of lipstick directly in the centre of the lips, then blend to give that ombre lip.

4. Next, we highlight! Grab your favourite shimmery champagne or gold highlighter and dust a little over the cupids bow and also in the centre of the bottom lip. This really makes the lips pop and adds an extra dimension to the lips.

5. This step is optional depending on if you like a matte or glossy lip look but it’s a step I like to take to make my lips look really plump. Try applying some clear gloss either all over the lips. Or, what I like to do is keep the gloss centred by applying a small amount the the centre of the bottom lip and just below the cupids bow. Now, we’re talking!

6. The last step I make is to dust a little dark contour powder directly under the bottom lip – in the centre alone. Be sure to keep this dark shade very slight and blended well. Done right, this will give the illusion of an even fuller bottom lip as we have created a false shadow underneath emphasising the plumpness of the pout!

I hope I have demonstrated a few tips and tricks to faking a fuller lip. And if you’re not one for too many layers, feel free to incorporate 1 or 2 steps into your lipstick routine.

Makeup is all about enhancing our natural beauty, and as we can see from the before and after shot in the above photo – fillers and not necessary to achieve a plump pout. It’s all about layering and creating dimension to the lips.

Hope you enjoyed my tips & tricks, beauties!