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How to get a firmer butt



Butts. Everyone wants a firmer one, are we right? A great firm butt makes you look better when you’re wearing clothes (and when you’re not). It gives you confidence and helps you to feel less self-conscious. Let’s look at how to get a firmer butt, both with lifestyle choices and clever products to help you get the kind of butt where you’ll be happy to be seen shaking that ass.


We know you want me to tell you that there’s a secret pill you can take that will help you become a fat-burning machine to strip away cellulite and leave nothing but firm, lean muscle behind. Sorry, no dice. You’re going to have to be thoughtful about what you put in your mouth.

The good news though is that really, it’s not rocket science. Eating for a firm behind is just about applying all the advice that everyone knows for good health. Eat a diet rich in vegetables, especially leafy greens, a bit of fruit, and enough lean protein to promote muscle development. As the Michael Pollan quote goes, “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”

And drink some more water. It keeps your skin healthy, helps flush out nasties, and helps to prevent you confusing thirst for hunger and overeating as a result.


Everyone knows by now that you can’t spot reduce fat. (You do know this, right?) But what you CAN do is work on the underlying muscles to make them stronger and in turn, improve the appearance of the areas you want to target. This is especially true for the butt, and the great news is, with some of the largest muscles in your body, getting more muscle mass there can help your body to burn more fat just lying around looking pretty on the beach!

A great place to start for butt firming exercises is squats and lunges. These work the large muscle groups of the glutes and quads, and will help to shape up and firm your butt. Once you start getting stronger, progress from just bodyweight and add more resistance. Bridge lifts are also a great idea. Check out this post for some simple moves you can do at home.

Of course, one of the best exercises for firming your butt is deadlifts. Those women running around in their active wear with firm, nicely rounded behinds? They’re probably doing deadlifts. But it’s super important with deadlifts to ensure that you are maintaining the correct form, especially if you start lifting heavy, so if you aren’t sure, or if you are getting pain in your back, get a professional to check your movement pattern for you.


Diet and exercise are the foundations to a firmer butt. But sometimes you need just a little bit of a helping hand.

The right skincare can help you achieve your dream rear view

That’s where Freeze Frame’s Brazilian BUTT LIFT can help. Especially when we age, due to a range of hormone changes and other factors, women can lose fullness in the posterior. Some people call this pancake butt. And while we might like our pancakes soft and fluffy, we prefer our bottoms full and firm!

Brazilian BUTT LIFT uses two clinically proven technologies to increase volume by promoting lipogenesis and fat storage to reverse visual flattening of your behind. It will also help to lift and firm body contours, so you can get a shapelier butt that helps you to look and feel younger.


What are the biggest challenges you face when it comes to firming your butt?

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