Every working lady will agree when I say that we love the idea of being an effortless beauty, and therefore an easy-to-apply formula would make our life so much simpler especially in that dreaded morning rush!

I found it so difficult as a working woman to find that miracle all-in-one product with an accessible price point. Now with the advancement in technology, the beauty industry has totally transformed the way in which we use products. Currently I really love my secret beauty balm – freezeframe BB BLUR! It delivers the results of a moisturiser, BB cream & blur perfector all-in-one and magically transforms your face when smoothed into skin. The magic is in the formula that miraculously colour matches to your exact skin tone whilst correcting any pigmentation. It also gives you instant radiance and blurs out any deep pores.

With BB BLUR it’s not necessary to use any type of foundation or concealer. However, if you’re a little on the oily side and you feel like you may need to mattify your skin in certain areas to avoid shine, freezeframe YOUTH MINERALS is the answer! This amazing product allows you to custom mix loose powders to create a light, bronzed or shimmery finish to the skin whilst looking natural. YOUTH MINERALS is the perfect all-in-one cosmetic product as it’s long lasting and can be used to create sheer coverage, but can also be built upon.

I love how flawless my skin looks and feels when wearing both BB BLUR & YOUTH MINERALS. And the best part is that this product will save you SO much time in the morning!

I believe “Less is more” and this is another reason why I love BB BLUR & YOUTH MINERALS. All it takes is just 60 seconds and you’re done. You’ll be even-skin-toned, shine-free, poreless and have perfected skin with amped up radiance thanks to the brilliant brightening beads in the formula that work to illuminate the skin instantly.

Now, for the long term, BB BLUR is more than just an instant skin perfector, it’s a treatment too. BB BLUR contains one of the world’s most potent antioxidants and it’s only found in Australia. It is clinically proven to enhance luminosity and radiance, and reduce wrinkles in just 15 days!

Let’s fall in love with freezeframe BB BLUR together.. It’s just too convenient and amazing not to love it!