DIY LIP SCRUB – freezeframe-uk


Having smooth, soft lips is always desirable. But with the ever-changing weather its difficult to keep your lips this way.

Below is a super easy way to make your own lip scrub from home with just 3 ingredients that you would have lying around your kitchen.

All you will need is:

– Brown Sugar

– Honey

– Olive Oil

And, also a small spoon + bowl to mix. Simply, mix equal parts of all three ingredients in a small bowl, and transfer the mixture into an empty lip balm container.

To exfoliate your dry lips, take a small scoop of the scrub mixture and using your index finger – massage the scrub into your lips in circular motions.


When massaging the scrub into your lips, use clockwise and anti-clockwise circular motions – this will ensure the dry flakes on the lips will be removed.