CONQUER THE CONTOUR – freezeframe-uk


To conquer the contour there is one main thing you need to keep in mind:
In order to contour you MUST highlight!

Here’s what you’ll need:
1. Beauty blender
2. freezeframe BB BLUR
3. Light & dark coloured concealers
4. Light & dark pressed powder
5. Setting spray



Firstly you're going to want to start off with amount of freezeframe BB BLUR applied all over the face. This provides us with a beautiful base to work upon.

Next, I would grab your light & dark concealers and start drawing out the areas you wish to highlight and contour (the list below will give you some guidance on what parts of the face you should focus on).

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to the application of the products. Whether you dot the concealers onto your face or colour the area in – as long as you’re highlighting and contouring the right areas it doesn’t really matter how you go about it!

Once you have outlined your face with both the dark and light concealers, you should go ahead and use a damp beauty blender to merge these concealers into one flawless application. Having freezeframe BB BLUR underneath your contour will help to blend the very dark and light colours together.

Now, this part is very important, you cannot leave the cream concealers on your face without setting them! Using your damp beauty blender again, pat it onto the light pressed powder and start to dab over your highlighted areas of the face. Next, using an angled contour brush, sweep into the dark pressed powder and work this into the contours of the face (directly over the top of the cream contour).

Once this is done, spray a couple times over the face with your setting spray (keeping in mind to spray about 20cm away from the face). The idea of the setting spray is to take away that powdery look and give more of a natural look.
And, you’re done! A flawless highlight and contour with a beautiful dewy-skin finish.

– centre of the forehead
– under eyebrows
– under the eyes (in an upside down triangle shape)
– centre of the nose
– under the cheek bones
– centre of the chin

– around the hairline
– outer eyelid
– sides and tip of the nose
– hollows of the cheeks
– under chin

– When choosing your light coloured concealer, preferably choose a colour at least two shades lighter than your skin tone – this will make your highlight pop
– Also, when choosing your dark coloured concealer, preferably choose a colour at least two shades darker than your skin tone – this will make the contours of your face appear more chiseled.