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There are many health supplements on the market – you go to the health supplement isle and you are faced with an array of colourful packaging, all quoting what they will do for you. It can be very overwhelming!

I was looking for a supplement that would strengthen my hair and nails with anti aging benefits – just an all rounder to improve and repair my skin, along with acne concerns.

I have tried supplements before, like Silicea for hair, skin and nails. I have used this one over the years but I found capsules didn’t work and the gel supplements were horrible to swallow with little to no change.

So when COLLAGENESIS INSIDE OUT came out I couldn’t wait to try it out! I noticed the ingredient ‘Marine Collagen Peptide’ – this is a new ingredient to me. I had heard of Collagen supplements before – often derived from meat products with a high molecular weight making them harder to adsorb, so you need to take alot more to see any affect.

COLLAGENESIS INSIDE OUT, however is a marine derived Collagen Peptide, which has a lower molecular weight making it easier to absorb, and is a superior form of Collagen for skin support.

Your skin is made up of 75% Collagen, that’s right 75%. And Collagen Loss is the major cause of aging, which starts to deteriorate from as young as 20! So you can see why it is so important to boost & protect your Collagen.

For protection – INSIDE OUT also contains Pomegranate Extract, a powerful antioxidant which helps to protect your skin against Glycation damage where sugar damages your Collagen proteins causing wrinkles, sagging & aging.

A can of INSIDE OUT has lasted me about 6 weeks. I use 1 teaspoon of the powder in my yogurt, once a day or you can use it in smoothies or just mix with juice. I first noticed after about 7 days of taking INSIDE OUT that my skin complexion looked healthier, even my eyes seemed to be brighter (I even had a few comments from my friends on how good my skin looked). My skin now feels more hydrated and the texture of my skin has improved greatly and looks plumper.

The major thing for me was that I didn’t break out! I am prone to break outs and have had lots of trouble in recent months, but while using INSIDE OUT, I haven’t had one blemish, which is fantastic!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking at maintaining healthier looking skin while also repairing existing skin damage and preventing future damage. I love it!

Amanda xo