BEAUTY BOOST BESTIE – freezeframe-uk


With our busy and stressful lifestyles it’s easy for our skin to show signs of fatigue, so luckily I have a little secret beauty weapon that counteracts the negative effects of everyday life on our skin.

Unfortunately, the first signs of ageing are generally accompanied by a dull and flat complexion and tired looking skin so it’s good to know there are Beauty Boosting super powers out there that are ready to save the day.

freezeframe BOOST is an instant pick me up serum for the skin delivering a pure dose of active peptide deep within the skin for instant and long term hydration and a radiant glow.

freezeframe BOOST eye roller is targeted for crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes, and can also be used as a targeted treatment for expression wrinkles anywhere on the face, including frown lines, lip lines, nasolabial folds, surprise lines, or anywhere your skin needs a BOOST!

The BOOST eye roller ball applicator means fresh, rejuvenated skin is at your fingertips anytime and anywhere for an instant BEAUTY BOOST.

freezeframe BOOST eye roller’s dual action roller ball applicator provides a gentle massage action which soothes and cools the skin, bringing circulation to the eye area and enhancing penetration of this powerful serum even further below the skins surface. The massage action also provides an instant pick me up for tired eyes.

Generally, I use BOOST under my moisturiser and also under my eye cream twice a day with special focus on expression lines above the forehead and marionette lines (side of mouth) BOOST is the perfect companion for use with freezeframe INHIBOX which also provides dramatic instant wrinkle relaxing action so you can maximize the positive effects.

freezeframe BOOST is a definite handbag must-have for all occasions when you need an instant, on the spot pick me up, so make sure you have your Beauty Boost Bestie close by to lend you a hand.