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All eyes on me

all eyes on me

I’m now into my 3rd week at freezeframe and have been busily familiarising myself with the fabulous portfolio, which has been great for my own knowledge. My favourite skin care solution by far is REVITALEYES which I use in conjunction with the new NIGHT cream as part of my beauty sleep regime. I’ve never used an eye cream until REVITALEYES but now I’ve realised it’s one of the most important skincare and beauty products that you could ever use.

REVITALEYES is Australia’s best-selling eye treatment and has visibly reduced my dark shadows and circles under my eyes as well as reducing wrinkles and bags – all of this with 1 clinical formula. This powerful gel-balm contains 3 potent peptides + Vitamin C to produce instantly smoother, brighter upper and lower eyelids. At the same time, it moisturises and energises the tissues, increasing microcirculation and performing a deep and long lasting anti-wrinkle, anti-bag and anti-dark circle action.

Your age will show on your hands, neck, and guess what? Your eyes! If you don’t moisturise properly with an eye cream, your eyes may age faster and exhibit signs of aging more prominently than others. Using REVITALEYES is one of the ways to age gracefully!

A moisturising eye cream, if used regularly and for a period of time, will always give you a flawless and smooth look. Droopy, dark and puffy under eye skin will cast a nasty shadow down your cheeks and gives your face a different tone, making your entire complexion look uneven. Using REVITALEYES will solve these under eye problems with 1 clinical formula resulting in a more radiant, fresher and younger looking you.

Beautiful skin, aside from using high quality products, is a result of a disciplined skin care regime. A great skin care regime is about caring for your face down to the easily forgotten parts such as the under eye area. I hope I’ve convinced you to give REVITALEYES a go, it really has reduced the bags and circles under my eyes and even my partner and friends have commented on my new and fabulous look!  When’s the best time to start using an eye cream you ask? I say it’s never too late to start, so do yourself a favour and start introducing REVITALEYES into your beauty regime and see the immediate and dramatic long term effect on all major signs of eye ageing that will defy your age!