I used to struggle to wave my hair. I would always end up with little poodle ringlets! Finally, I have found a very simple way to achieve those gorgeous Hollywood waves without the Hollywood price tag!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Curling iron (preferably one that has a thick to thin barrel and no tong)
Hair spray
Hair clip
Hair tie
Large bristle brush
Step 1: First, section your hair into two parts down the middle. Tie off one side of your hair and with the other, section off a small piece of hair and clip the rest up.

Step 2: Spray this small section of hair.

Step 3: Angle the barrel downwards, then flat wrap your hair around the barrel once.

Step 4: Continue to wrap your hair around, but twist the hair the second time around the barrel – alternate between flat wrap and twist wrap.

Step 5: Repeat this until the entire length of the hair is wrapped.

Step 6: Once the section of the hair has been wrapped turn the barrel upward to face the ceiling – this puts tension on the curl and makes it last longer.

Step 7: Gauge the temperature with your fingers and then release the curl BUT before you release the curl, be sure to scrunch it and hold it in your hand for 20 seconds – this allows the curl to cool down and really set in its wave shape.

Step 8: Repeat this to the entirety of the hair, hair spraying each wave as you go and keeping the direction of the curls the same way – this is important to make a neat wave.

Step 9: Once all the waves are completed, brush through them with a large bristle brush.

Step 10: And lastly, spray your luscious waves in place a final time, and you’re done! Gorgeous DIY Hollywood waves in 10 easy steps!


Use a comb to backcomb the waves – making them more of a deep wave.
Make sure your hair hasn’t been freshly washed. When your hair is too fine and silky, it loses the ability to hold the curl as well as when it has been left a day or two.
Spray or apply some product to your hair prior to waving it, this will help the waves hold their shape.
And remember to alternate between: Flat Wrap, Twist Wrap.
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