LASHING OUT! – freezeframe-uk


Women are obsessed with luscious lashes. Whether it is false eyelashes, lash extensions or a variety of growth stimulants – women will stop at nothing to achieve that false lash look!

Recently I came across a blog article where an American blogger created Lash extensions with cotton wool. Now while this is a handy little trick, results can be a little sloppy and the technique can be difficult to perfect.

Not to worry, freezeframe have yet again created the miracle solution we all so desperately seek… a breakthrough lash technology that gives the effect of lash extensions!!

INSTANT LASH XTREME contains brush on lash extensions that add an extra 4-8mm of length to your lashes whilst also having a fibre thickening effect to create thicker, longer lashes.

How does it work you ask? Tiny lash extending nylon hairs attach to your lashes as you brush them onto lash tips. You can then build up length with each brush so you can control how long you want your lashes to look. Exciting right?

So while you’re building up the length of your lashes you are also creating a thicker lash all at the same time! Easy application with dramatic results!

Finally our exclusive ExtendaTube technology forms a smudge proof, water resistant tube film around your lash extensions – locking it all in place in a gorgeous black glossy tube, which also adds more length and depth to your already amazing looking lashes!

So if you are seeking long beautiful eyelashes, look no further – freezeframe have got you covered! Try it now!!