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We don't pay lip service

we don't pay lip service

It’s true – freezeframe doesn’t pay lip service when it comes to their products! Let me tell you from experience as someone who has tried everything under the sun to achieve fuller lips.

I think it’s safe to say I have tried it all: lip glosses & lipsticks claiming to plump lips, the all natural – mint & chilli paste smeared on the lips to try to create an allergic reaction to my lips (yes – I was crazy!), the Kylie Jenner ‘Lip Challenge’ and most recently I tried lip injections early this year.

I have to say getting my lips injected was the worst decision I could have made and not for the obvious reason of it being painfully uncomfortable, but because of the side effects I faced. I was left with lumps of product throughout my lips! My uneven, ruined lips felt constantly dry & cracked and I hardly noticed the difference in the plumpness to be quite honest.

I was very disappointed with my results and not to mention I went to one of the best clinics in Sydney to get injected! And if that’s not enough to scare you out of sticking needles into your face… I was also left with a burst blood vessel in my lip due to the needle being inserted. So I now have a permanent pimple on my lip. The worst part of all is that with the minimal results I did have only lasted a mere month and a half before my pout reverted completely back to normal.

At that point I decided to look into injection free alternatives that would not harm my body long term and not give me such horrible side effects! That’s when I came across freezeframe LIP INJECTION!

LIP INJECTION by freezeframe has changed my life in the way that I no longer feel self concious about my lips being too small for my face. At first I was using the product once a day for its instant effects, then I upped my usage to twice a day and now my lips stay plump all day & all night long.

This product is also an amazing lip primer! I wear quite a matte lipstick every day to work so my lips used to get quite dry and crack and my lip wrinkles would be emphasised. However, now since using freezeframe LIP INJECTION – my lips feel & look so much smoother.

My little secret: When I want a little more pout for an event, I like to apply two layers of the product to the very centre of my lips where I want the majority of the fullness!

It has been 5 months now since I have been using LIP INJECTION and honestly, my lips have never looked so luscious and full. And it’s fantastic to know that it’s my own fat cells within my lips that are being stimulated and not some unnatural solution that has been injected into them.

The way in which LIP INJECTION works is by instantly stimulating the lips with Hyaluronic Acid spheres (the very same ingredient used in injectable lip volumisers). These spheres reach the underlying tissue in a micronised form where they swell & expand in the lips up to 1000 times their dehydrated size. This exerts pressure in the direction of the surface, plumping lips outwards making them look more full & pouty in just minutes.

And if your wanting your lips to look larger and more youthful longer term – then apply the product twice a day as this will stimulate your cells ability to form fatty tissue – right where you want it! This clinically proven, fat stimulating technology will make your lips look like you have grown soft, plump fat back – poofing out lips like a real lip injection.

I’m loving the daily comments I get on my fuller lips and whenever someone asks me if I’ve had lip injections I take it as a compliment because freezeframe LIP INJECTION really does give you the same appearance without the pain and suffering of getting injected!

So why not try LIP INJECTION yourself? It’s really a great alternative to needles and it will leave you feeling more confident about your lips and you’ll be less likely to pick up the lip liner or lip plumper!

Lisa Marie xx