the immediate line filler

Now, I know a woman must never reveal her age but I am in fact 25 years old – which is still fairly young still, right? However, I have noticed that over the last few years my skin has begun to change quite a bit…

I am a self confessed makeup junkie so you can only imagine how much I pull and tug at my eye area each and every day just to get that flawless eye makeup application – but all of this comes at a cost when I realised recently that all the things I do to my face now will effect the way my skin looks in the future.

I have indeed noticed that my eyelids are just beginning to sag slightly – which saddens me when I spend so much time on my eye makeup all for it be hidden as soon as I open my eyes due to overhanging skin!

I also noticed that my under eye area is starting to form fine lines from smiling with my eyes – this also saddens me as no matter how much I tried to set my under eye concealer – it would always crease up and sit into those tiny lines making them look more intense!

Lastly I see that I have started to form those unsightly middle of the brow wrinkles from squinting! These are the worst because even when my face was relaxed I still appeared to look angry! I knew I had to do something about this now while I am still young – so I turned to freezeframe for help!

Whether your prepping your skin for a glamorous night out on the town or simply going about your daily skin care/makeup routine – freezeframe WRINKLE FILLER needs to be the first thing you apply to your face!

I tried WRINKLE FILLER at the end of last year and honestly I have never looked back – I actually have to have two on hand in case I run out and can’t get a hold of a new one.. this product sells out fast ladies!

So the way in which I use WRINKLE FILLER is by applying a small amount of the product in a patting motion under my eyes, crows feet area, middle of the brows and also sides of my brows (for that brow lift!). Now, you can in fact use this product before or after makeup application – but I would recommend using it before you apply your skin makeup and letting it dry for 10 minutes as this will ensure that the treatment is totally absorbed into your clean skin.

I kid you not – within minutes you will notice all those fine lines plumped up and smoothed out! Your skin will appear so smooth because your pores are being filled in that it will literally look photoshopped before your very eyes. Not only will your skin look airbrushed but skin tone will also look visibly more even toned as the technology within WRINKLE FILLER’s formula actually assists in erasing dark circles under the eyes and removing any pigmentation on the skin surface!

Talk about an all-in-one skin care dream! I still get shocked every time I use this product because I just can’t believe the results I’m seeing – WRINKLE FILLER really is the perfect anti aging makeup primer out there!