Cellulite is every girls irritating problem – we all have it and it’s a concern that is hard to treat and to get rid of.
There are many cellulite products on the market: oils, creams and lotions – all offering the same solution. Alot of these so called remedies are simply moisturisers which do not penetrate the skin deep enough to create an effective cellulite treatment and aren’t clinically proven (I have a whole cupboard full of these products which I have simply given up on)!
freezeframe LIPOSLIM however, is the point of difference among cellulite treatments. LIPOSLIM has a unique design which stands out from any other cellulite treatments I’ve used before. The massage balls, or tri balls, actually massage and smooth away lumps and bumps while aiding in the circulation of the affected area. This in turn helps the serum-like consistency to penetrate deeper into the skin tissue and have a soothing and cooling feel to the skin.
The on/off switch helps you control how much of the serum comes out which is great for non wastage of the product. I found it very easy to apply and the massage tri balls were great on tired legs. I found as I used the product it had an instant effect too! I felt a tightening in the area when I was using the product, along with great long term results. It targets micro-circulation and assists the breakdown of stubborn fat cells whilst aiding in lymphatic drainage. I found I had visible long term results in about 6 weeks. I also found it slimmed and toned the area, along with helping with those unwanted fat pockets and divots (I’m sure this would vary from person to person depending on severity). For best results, use morning and night on buttocks, thighs, stomach, hips, knees and upper arms.
I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family, I’ve found it worked wonders and would definitely use this product as an everyday treatment.
Amanda xo